Dr. Markos Feleke-: President of EHF

A Doctor of Medicine and a Master of Public Health, Dr. Markos is a Public Health Specialist and a successful entrepreneur, based in Ethiopia. He founded ABH Partners PLC (Formerly known as ABH Services PLC) in 2007. He has over two decades of work experience in health and social development sectors with public and private organizations in the U.S.A., Africa, and Europe. The current President of EHF, Dr. Markos, is also the Chief Executive Officer of Washington Medical Centre.


Mr.Mulatu Sisay-: CEO of EHF

A Public Health Management Expert, Mulatu has over two decades of demonstrated experience in the realms of Public Health and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in Ethiopia. He has a comprehensive understating of the private sector’s challenges and aspirations and also opportunities in the Ethiopian Health Sector. Mulatu has a deep knowledge of health PPP aspects comprise managing equipment services (MES), operation and maintenance (O&M) services, specialized services, health facilities, and integrated PPP. Owing to his previous experience with various INGOs, NGOs, and the private sector including being the Chief Executive Officer of the Ethiopian Private Hospitals Association, he has established professional relationships with public and private health actors in the country like the Ministry of Health, The World Bank, and other United Nation Agencies. Academically trained in management and finances, he is an expert in health quality assurance and organizational excellence. He is an inclusive leader and believes in participatory decision makings. Personally, Mulatu is an optimistic and hard-working person, who has a deep respect for gender equality and multiple cultures.






Mr. Dawit Moges-: Secretary General of EHF

Trained in multiple disciplines, a Master of Economics and a Master of Public Health, Dawit is the current Secretary-General of the Ethiopian Healthcare Federation. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Sr Aklesia Memorial General Hospital and Hema Integrated Diagnostic PLC. Besides, Dawit is serving as the Director of the board in many international and local organizations. Since May 2021 he has been appointed as an ambassador of Global Medical Library (GML) to Ethiopia.