About EHF

Ethiopia Healthcare Federation (EHF) is the largest and strongest umbrella organization of all non-state/private actors in Ethiopia supporting the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) in its interventions. Established in 2019 following the multiple rounds of the Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) forum organized by FMOH and the World Bank, EHF has 16 members comprising over 25,000 associates actively supporting healthcare in all the 10 regions and two administrative cities of Ethiopia. EHF is a member of the regional ‘East Africa Healthcare Federation (EAHF)’ and continental ‘Africa Healthcare Federation (AHF) which EHF is a member of the board of directors. It is also presently supporting the FMOH in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.


EHF represents the most critical sectors in health such as hospitals, clinics and pharmacies, health care professionals, medical products importers/ manufacturers, and health professional associations.


Its Vision is to contribute to creating an enabling environment where Ethiopians can get better, more efficient, and accessible quality healthcare service and comprehensive information.


Its mission is to bring all private sector stakeholders under one umbrella body for advocating, networking, promoting public-private partnerships, and championing better healthcare service.



EHF Core Values
  •  Technological advancement
  •  Professionalism and integrity
  •  Consensus-building
  •  Innovative and results-focused


It is committed to positively transforming health systems by creating a platform to transfer knowledge, share best practices and innovations in health, engage, and network. EHF’s Mandate is as follows: -

  •  Be the national voice of the Private Health Sector at the highest level possible.
  •  Advocate for a larger Private Health Sector engagement for accessible, affordable, and quality healthcare delivery.
  •  Strengthen and expand the high-level dialogue forum with government officials and partners.
  •  Work with government and other stakeholders to address challenges that are largely unique to the Private Health Sector.
  •  Building capacity of the Private Health Sector.
  •  Promote Public-Private and Private- Private Partnerships thereby leveraging what each can offer.
  •  Bringing international good practices in health public-private partnerships (PPP) in Ethiopia to promote quality healthcare.
  •  Strengthen cross-regional learning and collaboration opportunities in the private health sector in Ethiopia.